Traditional typhoon shelter style spicy Fried spicy jumbo mantis shrimp with chili, garlic stir-fry crab

Serve with loads of golden chopped garlic, the huge mound of crunchy garlic bits is just so fragrant, flavorful, and downright addictive. Garlic is used here as the biggest highlight, instead of using ready-made version, we use only fresh minced garlic, mixing with a variety of typhoon style spices so to make the garlic more garlicky, spicy and delicious. Putting the garlic on rice or congee will add extra pop of crunchy garlic goodness!  Each Vietnam crab weighs at least 1.5 kg and is deep-fried and then cooked with golden garlic. One challenge is to be able to control the fire when cooking. When you are deep-frying the crab, you also put in the garlic. But deep frying such a large amount of garlic requires a controllable fire in which the crab needs to be fully cooked while the garlic flakes are not burnt.  This finger licking, messy, shell cracking delight has never been so tasty.

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