Six poached dishes

Six Poached Dishes

Six Poached Dishes, coming with six exotic sides of fresh innards and sea creatures including pig tongue, intestine, squid, jelly fish and the young fresh green chives, cooked with our tasty home-made soya source
Fried Spicy Jumbo Mantis Shrimp with Chilli, Garlic and Salt

Fried Spicy Jumbo Mantis Shrimp with Chilli, Garlic and Salt

Cooked by traditional typhoon shelter style, shrimp shells covered by tasty spicy salt
Steamed Prawn with Garlic

Steamed Prawn with Garlic

Daily delivery of fresh sea prawns, each prawn is in similar size. Chef controls perfect timing in cooking by adding fresh garlic, spring onion and tasty home-made soya source.
(Front) Roast duck white noodle in soup (Back) Boat people style congee

Secret soup base making roasted duck in white noodle

It’s easy to serve roast meat, but difficult to make it flavourful and delicious when it comes in noodle. Chopped up and cooked with duck bones, scallops and dried fish, this soup retains robust flavours with simple and fresh ingredients.…
Traditional typhoon shelter style spicy Fried spicy jumbo mantis shrimp with chili, garlic stir-fry crab

Hong Kong Traditional Typhoon Shelter Spicy Stir-fry Crab

Serve with loads of golden chopped garlic, the huge mound of crunchy garlic bits is just so fragrant, flavorful, and downright addictive. Garlic is used here as the biggest highlight, instead of using ready-made version, we use only fresh minced…